Wedding task Assistance

Epic weddings are the result of millions of little tasks. And sometimes those tasks become, well, overwhelming. Hey Lovers is here to help. 

Whether you need a hand getting your last few RSVP’s in, someone to pick up last minute guest gifts and flowers or anything in between, Hey Lovers offers you the extra hands you need to get the job done.

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Wedding Task Examples

Here’s a sample of tasks we can assist with:

Shortlist accommodation providers for out of towners 

Set up wedding vendor meetings  

Email/call vendors you love the look of to source price lists 

Shortlist wedding vendors like venues, florists, stationery experts + more based on your specific needs 

And so many more – just ask


You got questions? We’ve got answers?

We know that planning weddings can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes you just need someone to talk things through with. 

That’s why we offer a 30 minute obligation free phone chat to discuss your options and the best way to approach planning your dream wedding. No pushy sales pitch. Just a super useful chat to steer you in the right direction. 

Gain insight, control and confidence about your wedding planning through your initial obligation free phone consultation with us. We’ll work through your existing plans and budget, understand your wedding day vision and offer some advice on where to start. Ask us anything. We are here to help.

We’re here to give expert advice on the best way to create your dream wedding. You’ll also get an understanding of how the Hey Lovers services work, and options for getting started straight away.

Nope. We know that every budget is different. And we think wedding planning services should be available to everyone. Our main aim is to provide you with the services you need, not offer you a one size fits all package with bells and whistles you simply don’t want. 

Absolutely. Sometimes all you need is a little direction to get your wedding planning underway. We’ll write you a detailed wedding planner in line with your specific wedding date. And you can then do the rest…or we can stay involved – whatever floats your boat.

Hey Lovers is based in Melbourne, Australia. But that doesn’t stop us from helping you with many of our services. We love a virtual chat as much as we love a good face to face catch up so don’t hesitate to reach out, no matter where you live.