How to find the best Melbourne Wedding DJ

Getting married? Trying to find the best melbourne wedding DJ out there to create the soundtrack for the the night of your lives? I’m here to tell you how.

Everyone remembers the best nights of their lives on a dancefloor. You know the ones. The nights where you’ve danced into the wee hours at a club, pub or house party with friends.

The DJ was pumping out song after song that kept the dancefloor thumping and energy levels high. It’s no wonder lovers everywhere want to re-create the pure happiness on their best nights out ever, at their wedding.

Finding a Melbourne Wedding DJ to do just that is the goal. Read on lovers and let’s find you a DJ who will help you create a ridiculously memorable wedding. One that your wedding guests will remember (or not – hello vodka shot number 5!) for all the right reasons.  

Where do I find a DJ for a Melbourne Wedding

Honestly, I feel as though DJs are a little like mechanics. Once you find a good one, you need to hold onto that gem for the rest of your life. There are mediocre wedding DJs and terrible wedding DJs. We all know this. Because we’ve all experienced one at some stage in our lives.

But then there’s wedding DJs who know just how to keep the dancefloor full and guests feeling as though they’re living their best lives. Finding these wizards can be a challenge.

My number one tip for finding the best Melbourne wedding DJ

Here’s my big tip. Get referrals. Lots of referrals. Then look those DJs up and seek out some sample work, some vision of them working or simply read testimonials from others who’ve booked them.

Alternatively, stick with the large music entertainment groups in town. These companies would not survive if the DJ talent they worked with was not, well, talented!

Finally, jump onto Instagram and create a shortlist of DJs to learn more about. Most local DJs will use hashtags like #melbournedj #melbournedjs or #melbourneweddingDJ.

A little research goes a long way

See if you can find footage of DJs playing at other weddings and events. Reach out to DJs via their social media accounts or website and see how responsive they are. Also see how proactive they are in wanting to understand the vibe you are trying to create at your wedding.

Reputable DJs know what works with mixed aged groups. They know that oldies head home to be tucked up in bed by midnight. And how to get the most out of that last euphoric hour of the ultimate party that you never want to end.

Questions for a Wedding DJ before you book

Before you book a DJ for your wedding you’ll need to determine a few things:

  1. Will they bring their own speakers, decks, extensions leads and any other equipment that they need?
  2. Do they also provide lighting and effects and is that part of the fee they have quoted you?
  3. Are they happy to plug into the speaker system of the venue you are getting married at (assuming the venue will only allow you to use their speaker system)?
  4. When will they unload their gear? Will it be before guests arrive – no one wants to watch your DJ set up whilst they’re eating dinner
  5. What happens if they are unwell on the night?
  6. How long will you play for and what will happen with music when you are taking a break?

Other considerations before you book at Wedding DJ

I’m not being a party pooper here, but some venues need tunes turned down at a particular time in the evening. Other venues won’t let the volume ever exceed a certain amount of decibels.

Knowing what limits your venue has in place is SUPER important. Because it may well be that, just as you ready to really let down your hair, your venue tells you to turn that volume down pronto. Major bummer right.

Sooooo, if music is your thang, then I strongly suggest you find a venue that will allow the music to play well into the night. Some Melbourne venues don’t have noise curfews until 12 midnight or 1am. Others need you to switch off at 11pm.

Yep, I hear you. The pain is real. But you are way better to know about these details before your wedding day. Then you can plan appropriately.

Wedding DJ Added Extras

Whether your DJ throws in a few extras depends on who you book. On the rare occasion, venues will have decks and speakers that your wedding DJ can use. But usually your DJ needs to bring in all of their own equipment with them.

Sometimes you can book DJs who incorporate a live music component. From saxophones and trumpets to guitars and strings, ask about any creative ways they’ve worked in the past that have the potential to surprise your guests.

Some DJs will also perform basic MC duties during your reception. So if you don’t have a professional MC or a friend performing this role, a DJ might be able to perform basic duties like announcing the couple, speeches and when the food is about to be served.  

iPod Music versus DJ music

I know.It can be tempting to save a little money and run your own iPod music at your wedding. This itself is no problem. In fact, if you’re after background music for your big day and you’re pretty particular about the music you like, creating your own playlists for different parts of your day can work.

Just make sure there is someone at your venue who can line the music up, adjust the volume when needed and attend to any “technical issues” that arise with speakers, connections and whatever hurdles might pop up on the night.

But if you are keen to get your guests on that dancefloor, having an experienced DJ on hand is a little like having a magician at your service. An exceptional DJ knows how to build a crowd. With a lot of work, trial and error and practice they’ve worked out how to deal with a super varied range of age groups that will see Nanna dancing with your besties STAT.  

What will a Wedding DJ play?

Wedding DJs are not a one size fits all kinda deal. And these days the best DJs are super client focussed. Yep, that’s you. Experienced, awesome DJs are all about what YOU want.

So remove images from your brain of daggy wedding DJs and replace it with cool, sophisticated deck spinners who know what d-floor bangers get everyone on the dance floor.

Quality DJs offer you a whole lotta choice and input when they’re planning your wedding playlist. They’ll ask you for a list of songs you CANNOT do without and songs that you 1000% DO NOT WANT TO HEAR! Many of them will ask you the general vibe you’re looking to achieve and how you see the night panning out. The more information you can give a DJ, the more on board and committed they will be to crafting a playlist that absolutely rocks.

So whether you’re into 80s rock, timeless classics, disco, R&B, low key tunes or anything else in between, you’ll find the perfect Melbourne wedding DJ if you put your back into the search. That means a little web surfing, some social media stalking and a bunch of Youtube clip watching to suss out shortlisted DJs in action to work out what feels perfect for the two of you.

Need an extra hand getting your tunes sorted?

Need a hand finding a DJ who completely gets your vibe? Get in touch. I can help. I’ll have a quick chat with you, get a sense for the party you plan to throw and then do the hard yards, so all you need to do is listen to some sample tunes and swipe left or right (so to speak!).

Not in Melbourne? Sorry I can’t work with you in person but hopefully this advice comes in handy for you wherever in the world you’ll be celebrating your wedding.

Want to plan your wedding DJ sounds like a boss? Head to Etsy and download my Wedding Music Printables Pack complete with questions to ask your wedding DJ and easy to follow planning printables including Our Wedding Music at a Glance, the Soundtrack for our day (list of all the key songs to be played throughout your wedding day), blank musician quotation pages and more.

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Happy planning lovers!

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