Wedding day emergency kit – The Ultimate checklist

It’s the day of your wedding. It’s going to be perfect right? Well yes…and no. Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. And that’s OK. Your wedding day will be filled with enough emotion for the rest of your lives, so little emergencies along the way have the potential to throw you into a spin. But we’ve got you. Here’s our tips for a wedding day emergency kit that will get you out of any wedding day pickles.

Whether you are grabbing this for yourselves, gifting it to the happy couple or you’re a wedding planner ready to fill that Mary Poppins bag full of emergency supplies, this article is absolutely for you.

Stock up with a well prepared wedding day emergency kit and you’ll sail through the day, smashing every emergency situation quickly and without a fuss.

What’s a wedding day emergency kit?

This is basically a kit of everything you can think of that will save a wedding day emergency. Things go wrong on wedding days, even when they’ve been planned like there’s no tomorrow. The emergency kit should include items for any “oh sh#t” moment.

That includes wardrobe malfunctions, allergic reactions, décor mishaps and shoe dramas. And don’t forget items that are going to make the couple, their wedding party and guests more comfortable on the day including lip balm, sunscreen, mozzie repellent. You name it, if you can carry it easily, it should be considered as part of your wedding day emergency kit.

Who is the wedding emergency kit for?

You will often see wedding day emergency kits called a Bride Emergency Kit, Bridal Packing List, Wedding Packing List and a trillion other names.

But as you know, Hey Lovers is all about celebrating the love between any two humans getting married. It goes without saying that the Hey Lovers emergency kit caters to all humans getting married.

When pulling together your wedding day emergency kit you should be keeping a few people in mind. This includes the happy couple, their wedding party if they are having one as well as family and friends attending the wedding.

Same, same but different

Whether you need one or many wedding emergency kits really depends on the type of wedding you’re having.

The couple and I DO crew don’t always get ready together. So there’s an argument for having two emergency kits for your wedding day. But if you think that’s overkill, just opt for one.

Whatever you decide, a well stocked wedding day emergency kit has a super power. It can turn a super stressful situation into an easy to solve problem so you can get on with enjoying the celebrations.

For the ultimate wedding day emergency kit, head to the Hey Lovers Etsy store here. This instantly downloadable list will have your packed and ready to head to those nuptials worry free.

Our Emergency Kit includes a range of categories including Bathroom and Body, Clothing and Accessories as well as general “must haves”.

Mini Me

If you get full size versions of everything for your wedding day emergency kit, you will need a suitcase to carry it all!

Opt for mini versions of items where you can, to save on space. Maybe even raid your own cupboards before you head out to buy everything new (hello mini sewing kit you knicked from your latest hotel stat). Remember, you’re hoping not to use everything in the emergency kit on the day.

Chemists and supermarkets offer sections for ‘travel size” units of products and that’s a great place to start will pulling your kit together.  

Hand it to the professionals

If you have a professional wedding planner running your day, you’re in luck!

Most wedding planners will come to your wedding day equipped with their own emergency kits. They’ve been there and seen that on so many wedding days. In fact you may feel compelled to offer  a small round of applause, or utter an under the breath “Bravo” as they produce an antihistamine for your I DO crew bestie who has an allergic reaction to a bee in the field where you’re posing for photographs.

Check in to see what your wedding planner supplies but don’t bank on them having every single scenario covered. If you only like organic lip balm made by monks in the Himalayas, then you should bring your own!

Print out the Hey Lovers instantly downloadable Wedding Day Emergency Checklist right here

Need a print out of this sheet of gold so you can stock up? Simply click here.

And remember, don’t sweat the small stuff on your wedding day. Even if everything doesn’t go completely to plan on the day.

Need a hand pulling together your dream wedding day? Hey Lovers can help. Get in touch. From full wedding planning services to instantly downloadable wedding planning printables, we’ve got you covered.

Happy wedding planning lovers.   

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