Late Night Wedding snacks

Weddings are beyond awesome. Sure, I am completely bias, because I work in the business of love celebrations, but hear me out. I have the inside word on a new wedding trend that EVERYONE can agree on. Late night wedding snacks.

Yep, the end of your wedding is nigh. Your guests have danced their feet off and just as you’re about to bid them farewell and head off into the proverbial sunset, provide them with one last surprise. A late night snack that will rival any burger stop your guests are dreaming about on the way home in their uber.

Late night wedding snacks are becoming super popular and for very good reason. They are warm, tasty and immediately put smiles on the faces of your family and friends before your wedding comes to an end.

Here’s some of our favourite takes on late night wedding snacks that have us drooling.

Milk and Cookies

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There is something gorgeous about serving anything in mini form. And that includes milk and cookies. Why not use a shot glass or long dessert cup with a cookie on top to serve to your guests as they head out the door.

Hot Cinnamon and Jam Donuts

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Whether you serve them in paper cones or get them delivered by a food truck, everyone loves a hot jam donut. Best served late at night so that any spill down a shirt front doesn’t run anyone’s fun.

Would you like fries with that?

After a few too many drinks, most peeps love fried food. Serve hot chips with chicken salt and sauce – it’s an absolute crowed pleaser.

Photo credit: Elyse Hall Photography

Sliders and Burgers

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Mini sliders photography beautifully and taste AMAZING! Serve your late night sliders on roaming platters as guests will likely still be carving up the dancefloor.

Mac and Cheese

Photo credit: Jana Williams Photography

How cute are the little boats used to serve this late night wedding snack of mac and cheese? Catering boats like these come in a range of sizes, which means you can adjust the size depending on the late night snack. 


Photo credit: JoPhoto

When to serve late night snacks at your wedding

Would it really be a great night if it didn’t end with pizza? Nope. We didn’t think so. Whether you have wait staff at your venue serve slices of pizza or organise for a good ol pizza food truck to swing by, you cannot go wrong with late night pizza for your wedding guests.

Bringing in a food truck of some kind, is best done right at the end of your wedding. People will be heading towards the door and the sight of a late night snack will be a tasty and welcome surprise.

If your venue is serving the last night snack instead (many venues now have a late night snack menu to choose from), they will likely serve it an hour or so before the end of your reception. 

Photo credit: Lancer Catering

EXPERT TIP: If your venue is preparing a late night snack for your guests, remember that some of your guests may already have left.

So unless you are feeling super generous, and want everyone to have more than one snack, take a guess at how many guests will still be partying when these late nighter crowd pleasers are served.

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